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Bruce Lynn, Jane Greening

Dr Bruce Lynn and Jane Greening are based at University College London and have carried out research into reduced median nerve movement in carpal tunnel patients.
A number of people working with DSE/keyboard equipment develop arm and hand pain of unknown origin. Dr Lynn’s team are trying to understand how these symptoms may occur and develop better methods for diagnosing this condition. This work involves seeing how sensitive the nerves are to vibration and measuring blood flow in the hand.
Dr Lynn, speaking at the RSI Association 1998 annual conference said “Arm pains, essentially invisible in the text books, are really quite astonishing because it’s probably the most prevalent problem in most countries most of the time”
Dr Lynn was also a speaker at the RSI Association annual conference in September 2001, where he presented an update on his research. To read the copy of his transcript, please click on to the document below.

> Dr Bruce Lynn - transcript (Printable file)