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Trade union

Trade unions play an important role in achieving better standards of health, safety and welfare at work through negotiation with employers.
The HSE is continuing to develop advice and guidance resources on RSI but preventive inspections are not widespread. Improvements in the workplace are more likely to be made by employees through their trade unions and safety representatives. This is because their role is recognised in law and they have wide-ranging rights to support them.
Safety representatives should be able to go on courses on RSI and should strive to inform themselves of the relevant issues. A survey of members will help to raise awareness of the problem. Put it on the agenda at union meetings and make sure it is understood that RSI is not something only suffered by keyboard workers.
Any problems that come to light should be discussed with management, either directly or through the safety committee. Reference should be made to the legal duty to remove health and safety risks and a timetable should be agreed for remedying the problems promptly.
Trade unions can really help to prevent RSI and support you if you do develop a problem. Contact the TUC for the appropriate union for your workplace.