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The aim of physiotherapy treatment is to restore normal function to those tissues which are not normal. The treatment programme should be tailored to the individual and may involve a range of treatments including exercise and/or streatching of muscles and nerves, joint mobilisation, ultrasound and electrotherapy. Hydrotherapy or the use of ice packs may also be recommended to relieve pain and to complement the treatment.

Some NHS physios have a lot of experience with RSI patients, but if you cannot get a referral to one who has the appropriate specialist training in, for example, muscle imbalance or neuro-dynamics, then it may be worth considering going private. The lack of resources within the NHS may also mean a long wait for your first appointment, so an initial assessment session with a private specialist physiotherapist could provide useful advice in the meantime. A good physiotherapist will be able to tell a lot about you from your posture and will want to hear about all your symptoms and examine the full range of body movement.

Depending on what the examination reveals, there are several techniques which can help. Mobilisation of adverse neural tension (ANT) is used to free up compressed or 'tethered' nerves. Gentle stretching helps to ease the tense muscles constricting these nerves and promotes their healing. Abnormalities in muscle groups caused by prolonged, awkward posture can be addressed using muscle balancing techniques and trigger point therapy (myotherapy) is employed to relieve muscle tension. Gentle massage of muscle and connective tissue at key locations in the body can release underlying pain.

The physiotherapist can also help to develop an individual exercise and work conditioning programme, including postural awareness, rest breaks, stretches and ergonomic information.

The Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice is the recognised professional body in this field and it maintains a directory of members. Further information may also be obtained from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, which has a special interest group of physios with particular knowledge of RSI.

The Organisation of Physiotherapists in Private Practice (OCPPP)
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Chartered Society Of Physiotherapy
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