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RSIA Awareness

RSI Awareness is an information resource for those interested in musculo-skeletal disorders. The information is categorised into a library of factsheets, and a directory of support services. The website is maintained free of charge, please see conditions of use.

Our aim is that by providing this resource we can help people who may be suffering from, or seeking information about, RSI related problems. We do not provide medical or legal advice and strongly advise anyone who thinks they may be suffering from RSI should contact their doctor for medical advice, or contact a solicitor for legal advice on RSI claims.

What are musculo-skeletal disorders?

The term musculo-skeletal disorder is used to describe a number of conditions such as tenosynovitis, carpal tunnel, and tendinitis. Many of these conditions are known as Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI. Repetitive Strain Injury is a term similar to that of 'sports injury' in that it tells more about how the injury was sustained, rather than what the injury actually is.

In 2006 nearly half a million people in the UK sufferd from some form of RSI. The problem is increasing principally through the intensive use of computers and other technology that involves large amounts of keyboarding. Posture related health problems are also growing due to the sedentary nature of many jobs.

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