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Monitoring health/stress management

Health surveillance can play an important role in the prevention of RSI by detecting symptoms early so that remedial action can be taken. It should be seen as an essential backup to the preventive measures taken to design RSI out of the workplace. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations require employers to provide health surveillance where:

  • There is an identifiable disease or adverse health condition related to the work.
  • Valid techniques are available to detect indications of the disease or condition.
  • There is a reasonable likelihood that the disease or condition may occur under the particular work conditions.
  • Surveillance is likely to further the protection of the employees' health.

The interaction of mind, body and environment play a unique role in each case of RSI and there is some debate as to what extent employers are responsible where stress is a factor. However, monitoring employees' health and creating an open and supportive work culture will certainly help to minimise the risk.