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Access to work

Access to Work is a government funded programme which provides practical advice to help overcome work-related obstacles, and provides grants towards extra costs, including:

  • Special aids or equipment for employment;
  • Adaptations to premises and existing equipment;
  • Help with travel to work where public transport can't be used;
  • A support worker, e.g. a reader, to provide help in the workplace;
  • A communicator for support at interviews.

It is administered by Disability Service Teams (DSTs). If your RSI means you need equipment, adaptations or communication support to do a job, AtW will pay all or part of the cost.

AtW does the following:

  • Supports disabled people so that they can overcome problems that stop them from working.
  • Enables people to compete on equal terms for jobs.
  • Aims to encourage employers to give disabled people jobs or keep people on if they become disabled.
  • Pays all or part of any extra cost of equipment or training you need.
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