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Tasks and equipment

Improving task and equipment design

This can be done by applying good ergonomic principles to the design of tools, equipment, workstations, tasks and work methods. Improvements can be achieved by:

  • Selecting tools and equipment appropriate for the job and suitable for the individual who has to use them.
  • Maintaining tools in a condition which makes them easy to use, e.g. by keeping them sharpened or lubricated.
  • Providing powered versions of tools.
  • Selecting tools with handles which allow the worker to keep their wrists straight.
  • Redesigning workstations so that everything is within reach, or so that controls are easier to use.
  • Providing seats, equipment etc. that can be adjusted to meet individual needs and by providing training in how to adjust them.
  • Giving the worker more space in which to work.
  • Redesigning the task to minimise repetitive movements.
  • Automating the task.
  • Redesigning the work method to avoid overreaching and other awkward postures.
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