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There are many forms of yoga and classes can be found within adult education, health clubs, gyms and complementary therapy clinics. Though in essence an ancient mind, body and spirit discipline, the physical movements alone will help with fitness, flexibility and stretching and can help to manage the symptoms of RSI.

Yoga involves practicing a series of positions. Take it gently to begin with as there may be some poses that could put your arms or neck under further strain. It is essential to tell your Yoga teacher about your RSI before your first class.

As well as relief for the original condition, the benefits of deep breathing and greater body awareness can help to maintain emotional and mental well-being and Yoga is often recommended by pain management clinics.

At present, there is no national umbrella organisation in the UK. However there is a listing of Yoga centres and organisations at web address below. This is also a good place to search for a teacher in your local area and to find books on the various Yoga traditions.

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