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Avoiding recurrence

Treatment for RSI type conditions can only be completely effective if the initial source of the condition is addressed. Normally RSI type conditions occur due to occupational factors. Essentially ergonomic assessments should be carried out. This would not only include looking at furniture, equipment and hardware but also the total work environment including; lighting, noise levels, glare, colour, visual relief, workplace layout, thermal comfort and various social and job design factors. Appropriate measures should then be taken by employers to ensure that correct ergonomics are in place.
In addition to correct ergonomics, individuals should ensure that they pace themselves at work, taking regular rest breaks and gradually return back to work with an initial reduced workload.
Domestic or leisure time activities which increase the strain on joints and muscles should be avoided. A common sense lifestyle would include; healthy eating with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, drinking two litres of water a day, regular exercise and keeping alcohol within reasonable limits. Smoking also restricts the circulation and so is a further risk factor.
The avoidance of recurrence cannot be guaranteed by any doctor, but if the above factors are considered and acted upon, there is a greater chance of avoiding recurrence.

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