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General Lifestyle

The range of treatments for repetitive strain injury is quite diverse and growing all the time. However, prevention being better than cure, the chances of continued good health are greatest when steps are taken to minimise the risk of injuries developing.
Many conditions appear to be cumulative rather than sudden and prevention includes understanding the lifestyle factors which are implicated in RSI. These include general stress and poor overall health and posture.
Repetitive work every day may mean employees need to take extra care of themselves in their free time. Domestic or leisure time activities which increase the strain on joints and muscles should be avoided. A common sense lifestyle would include; healthy eating with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, drinking two litres of water a day, regular exercise and keeping alcohol within reasonable limits. Smoking also restricts the circulation and so is a further risk factor.
Body management or postural retraining technique may help. Examples include Alexander Technique, Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi. The skills required take time to develop but the investment often pays off in terms of increased flexibility, resilience and relaxation.

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