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Disclosing RSI to your employer

Looking for work is not an easy process. If you have an RSI, you may face additional problems to those faced by other job seekers. One issue is whether to tell an employer you have an RSI condition and at what stage it is best to disclose this information.

There are valid reasons both for and against disclosing that you have an RSI. As RSI can be a contentious term, if you have a particular condition you may prefer to call it by its real name e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, or describe it specifically as arm pain, shoulder injury etc.

This factsheet is largely based upon disability employment information from Skill, but also draws on experience of careers counselling for people with an RSI. You can take further advice from careers services (local providers or private companies), your college or university if you are a student, or from the Disability Employment Adviser (DEA) at the local Jobcentre if you are unemployed.