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Text messaging

The number of recorded cases is still relatively low but mobile phone users are at risk of developing various RSI-type conditions.

The sending of text messages needs careful attention, particularly if combined with prolonged computer use at school or work. With over 42 million text messages being sent every day now, mobile phone users may be at risk of injuring their hands as well as developing poor postural habits.

Texting can be quite addictive. In addition to voice-activated dialling, there are ways to limit the physical strain on your fingers. Although it takes patience to begin with, it is worth learning how to use your handset's special features such as message templates and predictive text.

The British Chiropractors Association recommends the use of preventative neck stretches and hand-care exercises. Information on these 'textercises' is being made available by some of the phone companies themselves.

Aching fingers will normally respond well to an initial period of rest which allows the tendons and muscles to recover. If symptoms persist you should see a medical specialist and refer to the relevant sections elsewhere on this site for information on treatment and recovery.

> The British Chiropractic Association (External link)