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The basis of Acupuncture is radically different than that of conventional medicine. Symptoms of illness are regarded as signs that the individual energy or life force, know as Qi is out of balance. The aim of Acupuncture is to restore this balance and promote general well-being. Treatment usually involves inserting fine Acupuncture needles just below the skin. The needles do not generally cause pain, but patients can often feel a twinge as an Acupuncture point is stimulated.

Treatment of RSI type conditions would usually involve manipulation of needling of tender points along the meridians, many of which coincide with myofascial trigger points, to release tension and resolve pain. The success of the treatment for RSI type conditions varies. For some individuals, it can be an effective painkiller, however it may not work for others. It is usually necessary to have a few frequent treatments at first to build up an effect. When it does work, the duration of the effect varies. Some individuals find it can ware of quickly, while others find it lasts several days or longer, as treatment progresses.

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