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Rotator Cuff Syndrome

The rotator cuff is the area of soft tissue around the tip of the shoulder. This contains a number of tendons which are mostly involved in rotating the arm. Tendinitis in this area is called Rotator Cuff Syndrome or Rotator Cuff Tendinitis.
Symptoms may include pain at the tip of the shoulder and/or down the upper arm, restricted movement and inability to raise the arm.
Rotator Cuff Syndrome is more common in people who engage in activities involving overhead reach, such as painting, plastering, tennis or swimming. Those working in the poultry or meat industries are particularly at risk from reaching up to put carcasses on a moving hook line. Although Rotator Cuff Syndrome is often occupational, it is important to note that sometimes a congenital deformity in the bones at the shoulder may be a factor.