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Massage is the systematic manipulation of soft tissue using a form of touch which promotes comfort and relaxation. It is therefore likely to provide some relief from the symptoms of RSI. Massage therapists use the sensitivity of their hands, clients' report of symptoms and range-of-movement exercises to detect tissue damage. It is, on the whole, a safe and non-invasive technique. Deep tissue massage works to release tension and stimulate circulation of the blood and lymph to improve the supply of oxygen and removal of waste products. Massaging the neck and shoulders can prevent further problems building up in the hand and arms and the general loosening up of muscles can help with the flexibility needed for other forms of exercise. Massage therapists can also use trigger point therapy. Stretching and strengthening of muscles are crucial in improving your condition.

The British Massage Therapy Council is an umbrella organisation for massage training and maintains a database of qualified practitioners.

British Massage Therapy Council
17 Rymers Lane
Tel 01865 774123

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