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This condition refers to the tender swelling of tendons, the rope or cord like structures which connect muscles to bones in order to work the joints of the body. When any group of tendons are overused microscopic tears can result, leading to inflammation. Even a minor contraction in the muscle can then lead to further irritation.

In RSI, Tendinitis more commonly affects the hand, wrist, elbows and shoulders, although it may occur at any joint in the body. Other conditions may be linked to inflammation of the tendons, such as Tenosynovitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or it may appear under specific names related to the area affected, for example Lateral (or Medial) Epicondylitis (tennis or golfers' elbow).

Pain in the muscles is not Tendinitis and, by itself, it will not give neurological symptoms such as tingling and numbness.

Further information on this condition can be found in the printable document below.

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