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Work culture

Work should be organised in such a way that the employee's health and safety is not put at risk. The work culture can be improved in a number of ways by, for example:

  • Improving communications between management and staff in both directions.
  • Consulting employees and their representatives about their jobs and any changes to them.
  • Ensuring that jobs which pose a risk and which cannot be completely eliminated are rotated so that no individual spends long on that task.
  • Ensuring that all employees have sufficient variety of tasks to enable them to use different muscles and postures and to make their job more satisfying.
  • Providing adequate rest breaks to prevent the build up of fatigue and by ensuring that the breaks are taken.
  • Identifying and removing stress factors from the workplace.
  • Giving workers control over their pace of work and how they plan their day.
  • Removing piece rate and payment by results systems that make earnings dependent on excessive work rates.
  • Removing bonus, performance or monitoring schemes which make workers push themselves beyond their capacities. Having proper monitoring and reporting procedures for symptoms of RSI.