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Medical Glossary - F

  • fibromyalgia
    This is a rather unspecific condition bearing little difference to fibrositis and manifesting itself as diffuse musculoskeletal aching associated with tender points in the neck and shoulders. It may bear many resemblances to the old-fashioned phrase 'lumbago'.

  • finkelstein's test
    A test for de Quervain's tenovaginitis in which there is pain on ulnar deviation of the clenched fist when the thumb is folded into the palm of the hand.

  • flick test
    Patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome may sometimes gain symptomatic relief by a rapid flick of the hand.

  • focal dystonia
    See Dystonic Phenomena.

  • frozen shoulder
    Characterised by aches and pains in the shoulder and upper arm, of spontaneous or gradual onset associated with impairment of movement. The cause is not understood but is probably related to repetitive use, or misuse, of the shoulder joint which may lead to loss of resilience of the joint capsule.