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Medical Glossary - W

  • wartenherg's syndrome
    This is also known as superficial radial neuropathy and is due to compression of the sensory branch of the radial nerve above the wrist. This can be as a result of a tight wristwatch strap, the use of handcuffs, splints, operations around the wrist, or trauma to the wrist.

  • wigley test
    This measures the ability of the patient to carry out fine movements. The time taken to touch all fingers with the thumb four times in rapid sequence in a limb thought to be suffering from an overuse syndrome and compared with the other (unaffected) limb.

  • wruld
    Work related upper limb disorders. This describes a range of conditions characterised by discomfort or persistent pain in muscles, tendons and other soft tissues with or without clearly visible injury or physical signs. It includes tenosynovitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis and golfer's elbows, and vibration white finger. They may be caused or aggravated by rapid or repetitive movements, poor posture and possibly psycho-social factors. WRULD has been suggested as an alternative term to Repetitive Strain Injury which can be a misleading term. The symptoms and signs as described in WRULDs may be unrelated to work and accurate diagnose is essential if litigation is contemplated.