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Medical Glossary - O

  • osier, sir william frs (1849-1919)
    Regius professor of Medicine at Oxford. Author of the Principles and Practice of Medicine. Described pain affecting telegraphy workers.

  • osteoarthritis (oa)
    These are changes in the joints due to wear and tear associated, later, with changes in the synovial membranes and synovial fluids. It is a very common condition and all people as they get older have an element of osteoarthritis in some of their joints. Excessive occupational wear and can lead to OA at a much younger age than is normal.

  • overuse syndrome
    This is a non-specific term and describes the effects on the musculo-skeletal tissue of over-use or misuse of a joint or a tissue. The term is often used synonymously with 'Repetitive Strain Injury' or 'Work Induced Upper Limb Disorders' and similar terms in different countries.