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Medical Glossary - H

  • health and safety at work act 1974
    The Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) requires employers to do all that is reasonably practicable to safeguard their employees’ health. Since the beginning of 1993 management of health and safety regulations further specify that the employer makes suitable and sufficient assessments of hazards and risk in the workplace and ensures that appropriate health surveillance is carried out. No doubt this will be expanded with regard to the European Community Directive on physical hazards in the workplace.

  • heuristic
    A branch of logic dealing with discovery and invention usually used, in the medical context, to find out answers.

  • hyperaernia
    An abnormal or excessive accumulation of blood.

  • hyperaesthesia
    An increased pain response.

  • hyperalgesia
    An abnormal or excessive sensation, or heightened sensitivity, of the nerves. Hypoalgesia is the opposite and both have been grouped to mean altered peripheral neural sensibility

  • hypoacsthesia
    A reduction in the sensation of pain.